Kellen Costantino to ensure smooth operations for Surface Tech dosing equipment

Customer satisfaction with our products and services is the highest priority at Surface Tech, even more so as we enter an important new year. We welcome...

Vince Aurilio, P. Eng. joins Surface Tech Advisory Board

Surface Tech is honored to have Vince Aurilio, P. Eng.  join our Advisory Board. His wealth of experience in Canada, and his knowledge of Canadian...

Surface Tech welcomes Alexei Ondrick as the Midwest Director of Sales

For a young man, Alexei Ondrick has already logged an impressive number of years in the asphalt industry. He grew up working summers and weekends in his...

2021 — What challenges will the asphalt industry face?

Hall Contracting on ACE XP®: The proof is in the paving.

New REARM HR asphalt mix technology kicks RAP content up to 50%

Why pave more? ACE XP® delivers a tougher overlay with less asphalt

REARM HR™ — Tougher pavement. More RAP. No cost increase.

ACE XP® versus Paving Fabrics — you owe it to your next pavement to compare

REARM HR project makes a smooth debut in Kentucky