ACE XP provides a strong, smooth ride for a bustling San Diego thoroughfare

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San Diego chooses ACE XP for long life on busy road replacement

Fairmont Avenue defines the western border of the Talmage neighborhood in San Diego. It endures heavy traffic year after year. When public works officials...

David Hughes comes on board as Sales Director - Canada

Surface Tech, a global leader in asphalt and concrete additive solutions, is pleased to announce the hiring of David Hughes as Sales Director for Canada....

Michael J. Simons, P. Eng. joins Surface Tech team as Technical Director for Canada

Surface Tech welcomes Michael J. Simons, P. Eng. to our team as Technical Director for Canada. He will work to bring a greater focus and increased...

What producers need to know about the latest advancements in crack- and rut-resistant asphalt mixes

Asphalt Producers 101:Using ACE XP & ARMI Polymer Fibers in Plant ProductionThurs. May 14, 2020 – 1pm CDT

White paper concludes aramid fibers show superior performance in asphalt pavements

ACE XP provides true road improvement to Bogus Basin Road

Interest builds as Surface Tech shares ACE XP Polymer Fiber capabilities at industry meetings

Blackfeather Trail continues to see benefits of ACE XP Polymer Fiber