JUNO XP™ — Technology that makes Portland Cement perform better

By July 30, 2020 Concrete
JUNO XP for Concrete

In the presence of moisture and Portland Cement, JUNO XP™ chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide to form compounds having cementitious properties. Until now, the development of a consistent, high performing alternative supplemental cementitious material (ASCM) was met with mixed results. Surface Tech has succeeded in developing a product that increases the strength-bearing microstructure of concrete. JUNO XP™ raises the bar.

JUNO XP™ combines pozzolanic and mineral components in an innovative dry additive that improves the efficiency of Portland cement in soil cements. JUNO XP™ densifies the hydrated matrix, producing soil cement that has a higher strength per pound of cementitious material. This unique mineral composition ensures higher unconfined compressive strengths, leading to soil cements with expanded performance characteristics at a lower cost to produce.

As JUNO XP™ is mixed into soil cements, it consumes calcium hydroxide to produce more calcium-silicate-hydrate (C-S-H), which densifies the soil cement matrix and increases the strength. Fibril-like mineral structures within JUNO XP™ also increase the toughness of the hydrated cementitious matrix.


Several important breakthroughs have been achieved with JUNO XP™. For one, soil cements with JUNO XP™ achieve the required performance at a much lower cost, a major benefit for government budgets strained by cutbacks due to COVID-19. In essence, JUNO XP™ provides more strength and a longer life service life for a much lower cost.

JUNO XP™ also provides key environmental benefits. Since traditional cement production accounts for 88% of the emissions associated with the average concrete mix, JUNO XP™ provides a way to offset this pollution as well as a means to achieve LEED credits and an improved carbon footprint for projects. Reduction of cement in mix designs can help contribute to earning LEED credits.

For more information on specific applications that can benefit from JUNO XP™ and its capabilities, contact us.