Kellen Costantino to ensure smooth operations for Surface Tech dosing equipment

Kellen Costantino Customer satisfaction with our products and services is the highest priority at Surface Tech, even more so as we enter an important new year. We welcome Kellen Costantino as our newest Quality Control Technician. Kellen will be in charge of attending to the full line of Surface Tech dosing equipment, with an initial concentration on the asphalt side.

As the company’s primary QC go-to, he is charged with delivering a high-level customer experience primarily at plant site. With the advent of new and upgraded equipment, Kellen will play a key role in assisting customers.

Kellen brings several years of hands-on experience with Surface Tech’s automated fiber dosing machines, so plant familiarity is engrained. To start, his service area will be concentrated in the western half of the U.S.

We look forward to the extra level of customer satisfaction that Kellen will bring to Surface Tech’s product and service offerings. Welcome aboard, Kellen!