Surface Tech Names Joe Dennis as VP - Asphalt Division

By April 11, 2018

Joe Dennis(PRESS RELEASE) — Surface Tech, an innovative solutions provider for the building materials industry, is pleased to announce that Joe Dennis has been named VP/CTO of its Asphalt division.

Joe joined Surface Tech in 2017 as a Director.  In his new role, he will transition more to the technical oversight of product R&D, training, and support.  He will also oversee Surface Tech’s Quality Control (QC) program and the refinement of its automated dosing equipment line, which differentiates Surface Tech’s products from others in the industry.  Joe will also champion Surface Tech’s role in spec provision throughout the current and intended footprint.

“Joe continues to be a valued member of our executive team and I am confident that through his expertise, Surface Tech will continue to see dramatic growth in our asphalt products throughout our geography,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech.

Surface Tech LLC was founded in 2013 and largely concentrated on the asphalt industry by way of its flagship product, ACE Fibers. ACE Fibers, a Surface Tech asphalt additive, uses aramid fibers to address the two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today; cracking and rutting.

When ACE Fiber is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy. For more information visit


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