ACE XP exceeds lifespan expectations on traffic-heavy British Columbia roadway


If engineers for the Township of Esquimalt, BC, had taken the conventional approach to a mill and infill project in the summer of 2018, they would expect to see reflective cracking within six to 12 months. Instead, they opted to try something new — their standard asphalt mix reinforced with ACE XP Polymer Fibers. As we enter 2022, the town’s Engineering Services Department is elated to see the ACE XP-reinforced overlay section is holding steady and performing well, especially given the roadway’s heavy traffic, slope, and problematic drainage.

Tillicum Road carries a wide range of vehicles, from small passenger cars to double decker buses and heavy trucks. Engineers made plans for an extensive capital budget reconstruction several years in the future, but in 2018 the road’s condition mandated a quick and relatively inexpensive fix to keep it serviceable.

The township has a history of investigating new technologies and material improvements. Once engineers learned about ACE XP Polymer Fiber, they decided to try it on a partial mill and infill operation.

From the gutter out to two meters, 50mm were tapered milled and overlaid with a 50mm pavement on both the milled and unmilled existing asphalt. In the areas of severe base damage, a small amount of fiberglass paving geogrid was placed between small patches of new base course asphalt and the ACE XP reinforced overlay.

“Overall, we are so happy with the current condition of the pavement structure,” Edgar Salamanca, Engineering Technologist III with the township, replied via email in late 2020. “No ruts or cracks observed as of today. I believe the township, as a whole, has seen the advantage of the technology and, personally, I will recommend it again if we have a similar project in the future.”

As we enter 2022, the Township reports the section continues to perform well, with no significant rutting or cracking.

Technicians trained by Surface Tech worked with Island Asphalt at their Victoria plant during the mixing and on the job site with the paving crew and Township inspectors to ensure a high level of comfort and confidence was gained working with the new technology.

For details on how you can put ACE XP to work on your next project to produce stronger, longer-lasting pavement, contact Surface Tech.