ACE XP® versus Paving Fabrics — you owe it to your next pavement to compare


The advent of Surface Tech’s new ACE XP pavement overlay solution utilizes one of the strongest man-made fibers in existence — para aramid. ACE XP in a hot-mix, hot-laid overlay application can go head-to-head with typical fabric interlay applications in terms of cost. But in terms of performance, ACE XP comes out on top. It’s faster and easier to apply and more effective in reducing cracks.

A mix reinforced with ACE XP can be laid, worked, rolled and finished exactly the same as a regular mix with no special steps needed from the lay down crew. And as a bonus, ACE XP is fully recyclable. With paving fabrics, millings often go to the landfill. That makes ACE XP the sustainable choice for long-term pavement owners.

“We’ve had a lot of success with ACE XP in overlays, because once contractors use it, they love it,” said Michael Scardina, Regional Sales Director. “It’s a faster install, more crack resistant, and as a plant mix product, there’s no need for third party contractors so all the job profit stays in-house.”

ACE XP turns regular asphalt into a high-performance overlay, with the advantage of a faster and more consistent installation process. And since the overall cost of ACE XP competes well with the overall cost of installed paving fabrics, the only remaining question in your mind should be, “Why haven’t I tried it?”

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