ARCA Core Benefit #2:  Improved Performance

By February 06, 2023

ACE XP Polymer Fiber

Aramid Reinforced Composite Asphalt (ARCA) increases the lifespan of asphalt pavements up to 50 percent, giving a true boost to the sustainability of paved infrastructure across North America. Stacie Steel, P.E., Regional Sales Director, considers the ability to make better pavements as the most important core benefit offered by Surface Techs suite of ARCA pavement solutions.

By extending the life of asphalt pavements, you reap a wealth of benefits,” she says. Public works departments save money through reduced pavement maintenance. While this alone has the spin-off effect of lowering the need for raw materials, labor, transport, and re-paving, which in turn, lowers the amount of CO2 emitted by trucks and machinery; ACE XP polymer fiber also delivers the improved performance at less than 10% of the GWP emissions of traditional polymer modifiers.”

The companys EPD-listed ACE XP polymer fiber asphalt reinforcement products add incredible tensile strength to pavements, allowing them to bounce back under extreme traffic and weather conditions. The wax-bound fibers disperse evenly throughout any asphalt mix, creating a tough, 3-D matrix. The result is far less cracking and rutting — and a longer pavement life.

Surface Tech has built a solid foundation of technical expertise and research to innovate from and has developed numerous solutions for overlays, interlayers, and accurate dosing to give any mix the reinforcement it needs to perform better and last longer. With ARCA solutions, pavement owners can realize additional years of service from their pavements and save millions of dollars.”

Longer life and less maintenance. Its a win-win for the driving public, for the earths natural resources, and for the asphalt industry. And with the ability to easily add Surface Techs wax-bound aramid reinforcement to any mix, increased sustainability moves from a dream for tomorrow to a reality for today.

Stacie Steel, P.E., Regional Sales Director,