ARCA Core Benefit #3:  Cost Savings

By January 17, 2023 ACE XP Polymer Fiber

ARCA pavement

Taylor Schmidt, Regional Sales Director for the southwestern part of the U.S., says producers often miss out on the cost savings that ARCA can offer at the pavement installation stage.

With an average cost differential of up to $250 per liquid ton between terminal-blended modified asphalts versus neat asphalt, the choice is clear, especially when you factor in the extended life and improved performance that ARCA pavements can deliver,” said Schmidt.

To create an ARCA pavement, simply add ACE XP Polymer™ from Surface Tech to any mix, either in plant or on site. Surface Techs proprietary dosing systems guarantee 100 percent accurate dosing of the wax-bound ACE XP aramid fibers into the mix. 

ACE XP disperses evenly with no clumps and compacts with zero problems. The aramid fibers form a 3D matrix that flexes under heavy traffic loads and bounces back through wide swings in weather conditions. 

Taylor Schmidt, Regional Sales Director “ACE XP reinforced asphalt offers a mix comparable to that of asphalts modified at the refinery, yet for a substantial savings. With our communities in mind, those reduced costs provide better performing roads and savings that can be invested in new roads, bike lanes, parking lots, or walking paths that can also cost less and last longer,” says Schmidt.  

ARCA pavements reduce cracking by up to 50 percent and can extend the pavements lifespan by several years. Longer lifespans alone help stretch pavement dollars by reducing maintenance costs and pushing replacement needs well into the future.

When you calculate the benefits of up-front cost savings, significantly reduced cracking, and the dollar value of longer-lasting pavements, ARCA clearly comes out on top as a winning value-added proposition for any pavement project. 

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