ASCM decoded — what it is and what it can do

By November 20, 2019 Concrete

Alternative Supplementary Cementitious Materialtune in to the second webinar in our series of three that explains ASCM in detail. Find out how this advanced material can make your next concrete placement stronger and last longer — and reduce cost!

Dr. Jon Belkowitz, Director of Research and Development at Intelligent Concrete, will lead a one-hour, all-about-ASCM presentation. This revolutionary high-tech material can change the way you look at mix design, so don’t miss this webinar!

The first part of the webinar will cover the specification that currently exists for ASCMs. An in-depth look at the ASTM that governs the evaluation and quality control of ASCMs. The second part will dive into using an ASCM in concrete mix design with examples from the residential to commercial side of the industry. Participants will get the know how to use ASCMs in concrete mix design for ready-mixed concrete applications.


*This is the second webinar in a three part series. If you missed the first webinar you can view it at


REMINDER: You will earn a certification for attending.

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