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Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 7.55.28 AMEvaluating Aramid Fiber for Your Next Asphalt Project: Key Questions to Ask.

When considering the use of aramid fibers in asphalt projects, it's essential to choose a product that meets your specific needs while ensuring efficiency and environmental responsibility. Surface Tech, known for its innovative solutions in the construction materials industry, offers aramid fiber products designed to address these requirements comprehensively. Here are some critical questions to ask when evaluating aramid fiber for your next project, along with insights on how Surface Tech’s products meet these criteria.

1. How do you control Aramid Fiber Fly-Away?

It's crucial that aramid fibers disperse fully in the asphalt mix without any loss to the environment or equipment. Surface Tech’s ACE XP and AQU products effectively eliminate fly-away through a patented bound aramid form factor, ensuring that 100% of the fiber is utilized in the mix.

2. How much storage space does your fiber require?

Storage space is a valuable resource in any operation. Surface Tech’s aramid fibers require up to 5X less storage space compared to competitors, thanks to the high purity of the aramid fiber and absence of unnecessary fillers, also reducing shipping costs due to the efficient 3.4 oz/ton form factor.

3. Do you offer precision dosing with daily production reports?

Precision in dosing is critical for quality control. Surface Tech offers cutting-edge dosing equipment that updates every 2 seconds and provides detailed daily production reports, ensuring accurate dosage and seamless operation. This system is complemented by dedicated technical support and easy installation.

4. What is the purity of your aramid product?

Surface Tech prides itself on offering a product with minimal environmental impact. The aramid fibers meet the ASTM standard of 2.1oz of pure aramid per ton, free from harmful and unnecessary plastic fillers.

5. Does your product create any health concerns when introduced at the plant?

Health safety is a priority for Surface Tech. The aramid solutions are coated with a small percentage of non-toxic, neutral sasobit wax or water-bound molecules, controlling fly-away and eliminating harmful emissions at the plant.

6. Does your product have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

Yes, Surface Tech has obtained EPDs for its ACE XP and AQU products, underscoring a commitment to environmental sustainability and transparency concerning their products' environmental impact.

7. Is there plastic in your finished aramid product?

No, Surface Tech uses alternatives like sasobit wax or water molecules to bind the aramid, avoiding the use of plastics. This not only enhances the performance but also maintains environmental integrity.

8. Do your products meet the ASTM D8395 Standard for Aramid Fiber in asphalt?

Surface Tech’s products adhere strictly to the ASTM D8395 Standard, providing no more than 3.40oz of finished product per ton, which includes 2.1oz of pure aramid fiber.

9. Does your product clump when dosing?

Surface Tech has engineered its products to prevent clumping, using the minimum necessary amount of binding agent to ensure smooth integration into the mix without introducing non-aramid fillers.

10. How does your product compare to using wet polymer-based additive solutions?

Surface Tech’s dry polymer solutions offer an innovative alternative to traditional wet polymers, which can be environmentally harmful and logistically challenging. These products are more sustainable, cost-effective, and easier to handle, providing a superior choice for modern asphalt applications.

By addressing these questions, Surface Tech demonstrates its dedication to quality, perfromance, sustainability, and innovation. For more detailed information or further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team at

This detailed guide ensures that you are well-informed when selecting the right aramid fiber products for your asphalt projects, highlighting Surface Tech’s commitment to delivering superior, performance, plant integration, precision dosing and environmentally friendly solutions.