CASE STUDY: ACE Fiber Added to Asphalt Cement for Louisville Pilot Project

By October 21, 2016 Asphalt

asphalt pavingFollowing a technical presentation and thorough review, the City of Louisville, Kentucky chose to use high strength ACE Fiber asphalt additive in a resurfacing project for South Beckley Station Road.

Surface Tech’s distributor Site Supply, Inc. and Hall Contracting coordinated the project using ACE Fiber to improve the service life of the asphalt. Of particular interest to the City will be continued evaluation for performance, which includes a longer life and reduction of both rutting and cracking.

“There was no difference in the production or lay down process using ACE Fibers,” noted Hall Contractors.  A clear indication of ease of adoption and usage.  CBC Engineering of Ohio conducted and ultimately certified the mix; the installation took place over the course of four days. Quantity of ACE Fiber was 2,118 ton equivalents.

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