Elevate Your Game: Surface Tech Sets the Stage for 2018 at Annual Sales & Distribution Partner Meeting

By November 27, 2017 Asphalt

Representatives from across the US and Canada convened in San Diego in November for Surface Tech’s Annual Sales and Distribution Partner meeting.  The slogan “Elevate Your Game” served as the key message and motivator throughout the event.

“Our leadership and partners across the organization continue to work diligently preparing for 2018, which we anticipate as another very successful campaign,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech LLC.

“Surface Tech has matured since its inception through the development of our product lines as well as through the development of our distribution network. We have transitioned to a full platform solutions company in both the asphalt and concrete industries - it’s time to elevate our game by building upon this success.”

Surface Tech’s Joe Dennis marshaled the technical and QC program, while Ian Wilson and Bryan Goerger led sessions on best practices for Disruptive Technologies in Asphalt and Concrete.

Guest speakers included Erdem Coleri, PhD, Oklahoma State University who spoke on the topic of, “Quantifying the Effects of Aramid Fibers on Rutting/Cracking.”  Pavana Ingios with Geotechnics spoke on “ACE Field Performance Testing (AFPT)”, and Mark Schmidt of Atlas 10 gave an overview of “ACE Fiber Performance: One Year Later”.

Sales + Distribution Partner Meeting