Getting the Most Mileage from Asphalt Fiber Additives

By June 16, 2017 Asphalt, ACE XP, AQU

Asphalt Fiber AdditivesIt is well-proven that adding asphalt fibers such as ACE Fiber or AQU Fiber™ make asphalt tougher and last longer.  However, the full benefits of these fibers are best realized if incorporated at the design stage.

By introducing fiber additives at the design stage, rather than at the spec stage, the end result is an increased speed of construction and significant reduction of asphalt thickness, in addition to the fiber’s benefits of anti-cracking, strength, and improvement of road quality.

“We have demonstrated through extensive testing in both lab and field, that adding our aramid fibers to asphalt projects, we enhance and strengthen asphalt pavement,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “Coupling our fibers with less asphalt ratio for the entire pavement section creates dramatic cost savings; while still adding performance and life benefits.”

In addition to higher quality roads and cost savings, a project’s carbon footprint can also be greatly reduced as a result of incorporating ACE Fiber or AQU Fiber™  into the design stage.

“The reduction of asphalt thickness coupled with dramatic cost savings is impressive and this can be achieved when introducing fibers at the design stage,” said Dennis.

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