Gilgal Stones finds Surface Tech solutions competitive, profitable and customer-pleasing

By October 04, 2021

ACE XP™ Polymer Fiber Asphalt Additives

Russell Lindsey, president of Gilgal Stones in Abilene, TX, was no stranger to the power of aramid fiber technology when he initially reached out to Surface Tech. He understood the fibers’ tensile strength properties and was further intrigued upon hearing about Surface Tech’s ARMI Interlayer solution.

After an in-depth discussion of the solutions offered by Surface Tech, Lindsey decided to present the ARMI Plus solution to Brookshire Grocery Company. The plan called for the installation of an ARMI Interlayer composed of AQU Polymer Fibers®, covered by a surface mix reinforced with ACE XP Polymer Fibers®.

Ruts and cracks were plaguing several parking lots within the grocer’s chain of stores in Monroe, LA, and Lindsey was able to offer his customer Surface Tech’s innovative, advanced material solutions at a competitive price.

Brookshire signed off on the plan, but Diamond B Construction, which provided the asphalt mix, was concerned that the high asphalt content (8%) mix could create problems at the plant. Surface Tech QA technicians provided clear instructions, which Diamond B found easy to follow.

“Diamond B ended up being very impressed with the quality of the mix and the ease of adoption at the plant,” said Dario Alvarez, Technical Sales Rep for Surface Tech. “They faced no issues with the plant production.”

Surface Tech also provided a field technician that dosed both the ARMI Interlayer and the ACE XP-reinforced surface mix for the two-day project. With this level of support, any producer or paver can learn to make and apply the technology at the plant or on site.

“I was very impressed with the appearance of the mix and the ease of installation,” said Lindsey. “When a contractor doesn’t have to change their protocols or processes, it makes it easier to consider using a technology. And when the customer is happy with the results, it’s a win-win.”

He also appreciated the level of support provided by Surface Tech, saying it “made the process easy and added value in my eyes and the eyes of the producer.”

As a result of the success in Monroe, Gigal Stone has secured three additional Brookshire store locations, with more locations utilizing ARMI and ACE XP on the horizon.

A video of the dosing and installation can be viewed here:

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ARMI Interlayer with an ACE XP surface mix

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