Greet the new year with the World’s Most Accurate Dosing system

In 2023, Surface Tech begins kicking production into high gear to meet demand for its new DFNDR dosing system, literally the World’s Most Accurate Dosing system available.  This finely engineered machine guarantees to feed exactly 2.1 ounces per ton of the company’s ACE XP Polymer Fibers into any asphalt mix. No muss. No fuss. No flyaway profits.

Accurate dosing matters, right? You don’t want to overpay for fiber reinforcement, and you don’t want to under- or over-feed the mix. DFNDR ensures you get an accurate dose of fibers, validated by a Daily Report and an optional PE stamp.

Pavers who are familiar with ACE XP and what it can do to improve asphalt pavement performance are lining up to get their hands on the DFNDR. It comes complete with an online training program and safety protocols, plus a post-training test that ensures your team knows how to handle the equipment. 

All you need is 120V power, a steady 110psi air supply, and a level surface to run this exquisite machine. Calibrate and ensure the hopper stays full, and you’re ready to roll. You can update the production rate at any point in the process as the plant rate changes.

The DFNDR will automatically maintain an ideal amount of ACE XP in the vibratory bowl via the hopper. And if you need to use it on the job site, no problem. Transport the DFNDR via a 6’x12’ trailer anywhere in the plant or on the road.

Is there a better way to start the new year than with improved pavement performance and an easy way to get it? We don’t think so. EPD-listed ACE XP Polymer Fibers and the DFNDR dosing system make an unbeatable combination, one that will have you boasting all the way to the bank about the long-life and sustainable pavements you can install in 2023.

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