How to Improve the Performance of your Next Asphalt Project

By July 25, 2016 Asphalt

The game changing additive proven to increase strength and performance of asphalt.

Transportation officials throughout the country are already experiencing the benefits from our innovative fiber additives. The game changing patent pending asphalt additives created by Surface Tech, and known as AQU and ACE Fibers, are proven to make asphalt roadways stronger, more crack and rut resistant and longer lasting.

Concurrently, private sector owners and contractors are also taking advantage of this innovation. AQU and ACE fibers are being used for projects tied to all other asphalt surface uses. These additives also can provide a surface reduction of the topcoat, in a value-engineered manner, to help allay costs and still reap the benefit of extended life.

Are you ready to increase the quality, efficiency and life span of your next asphalt project?

With this new technology properly executed into your next project(s), you can dramatically extend the life of your current estimate and incorporate benefits such as reduced rutting and cracking even in temperature extremes.  It’s a cost effective solution and easy add to an established process.  So, you have to ask yourself, why not at least investigate to learn more?! Here are 4 things contractors and pavers need to know about the innovative additive for asphalt.

  1. ACE and AQU Fibers makes asphalt 5 times stronger than steel.
    ACE Fiber, is pure aramid fiber with a wax treatment. By treating the aramid with wax, the aramid is weighted down and controlled for proper delivery into the asphalt mix. When ACE Fiber enters the asphalt-mixing chamber, the wax melts to release the fibers in the right place at the right time, increasing its strength.
  1. Fibers are proven to provide a 50% increase in the overall performance and life of roads compared to those using no enhancement technology.
    To create ACE, we blended aramid fibers and Sasobit wax to address the two major distresses effecting asphalt performance today – cracking and rutting. Aramid is a unique fiber with 400,000 psi tensile strength and micro-roots that tenaciously anchor themselves in the bitumen of the asphalt. In the summertime when asphalt gets hot and wants to rut, the rooted aramid provides resistance to the “flow” of asphalt to mitigate rutting. In the wintertime when asphalt is cold and wants to shrink, aramid provides added tensile strength for resistance to cracking.
  1. Investing in higher quality, longer lasting asphalt will save you money in the long run.
    Using the proper amount of aramid fiber can reduce the overall cost of your project and it can increase the life of your A.C. pavement. Paying 10% - 20% more for A.C. mix that performs over 50% better than standard A.C. mix is the simplest financial justification for using aramid fiber. However in certain situations, you can formulate aramid fiber to reduce the amount of A.C. needed for your pavement sections to save costs. Using AQU Fiber can save approximately 25% in overall A.C. costs.
  1. Any asphalt project can benefit from ACE Fiber…
    including both newly constructed asphalt pavements as well as thin asphalt overlay projects over deteriorated asphalt or concrete pavements.

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