Jay Hansen joins Surface Tech as Vice President of Government Affairs

By March 01, 2023

JayHansenLightenedSurface Tech, a leading producer of asphalt reinforcement solutions, is pleased to announce and welcome Jay Hansen as the company’s Vice President of Government Affairs beginning March 1, 2023. Hansen spent the past 25 years leading the government affairs team for the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and in that role served as the industry’s key representative on federal legislation and important issues.

“As a highly recognized and trusted government affairs representative in Washington, Jay succeeded in helping set the guidelines for the asphalt industry’s goals,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President of Surface Tech. “He helped grow the highway program, secured research funding for the asphalt industry, and defeated harmful pavement type-selection and pavement design mandates that would have been detrimental to the asphalt paving market.  It is an honor to have him join our team and we look forward to additional legislative advancements for our company and our industry in the future.”

During his successful tenure at NAPA, Hansen secured $140 million in congressionally supported airfield and highway research funding. Working with grassroots and other like-minded associations, he also played a lead role in establishing the first ever Transportation Construction Coalition Fly-in in 2001 that has become the highway construction industry’s premier legislative event in Washington, DC.

Today, there is a tremendous amount of interest in Congress regarding construction materials, with the Biden Administration now prioritizing the procurement of low carbon asphalt and concrete.  In Congress, there is now committee and congressional staff dedicated to looking at how these materials are manufactured, used, and procured. They are looking for ways to decarbonize the construction industry.

“With the solutions that Surface Tech offers in extending the life of asphalt pavements utilizing EPD-listed products, I am excited to be able to share with our legislators and decision-makers evidence of a proven technology that can positively impact carbon reduction in asphalt paving,” said Hansen. 

Hansen will be developing and implementing an overall corporate government affairs strategy and directly engaging with members of Congress, regulators, and industry associations to raise awareness of the continuing need to adopt workable solutions for increasing sustainability in asphalt pavements.