Stronger Asphalt Proven in Lab-to-Field Testing

By January 03, 2017 Asphalt

Lab-to-Field Testing Results Back Up Superior Effectiveness of Surface Tech Product Capabilities

Surface Tech acknowledges the importance of testing its products.  Certainty in new technologies is grounded in such results.

“Many factors compel adoption of new technology, but real confidence is gained through successful use.  However, such decisions are girded by the quality of and results learned from testing,” said Surface Tech President Steve Santa Cruz.

Industry testing has been primarily centered in lab environments.  But the emergence of field testing to underpin, and in some cases, embolden the lab result is very much a path that Surface Tech embraces.

“We feel this combination of proof allows the specifier to confidently select our products for use in whatever pavement design stipulation” adds Santa Cruz.

Surface Tech has selected and engaged with some of the country’s most accredited asphalt research laboratories; both private and academia.  Its results for the myriad of accepted tests are sound, as are the refined testing applications for a product line up that doses in such low increments.  In addition, Surface Tech has engaged in state-of-the-art field testing for validation and predictability regimens as well as GIS/GPS site surveying analysis.  The results are outstanding.

It’s this marriage of lab-to-field engagement that helps provide peace of mind for those seeking new technology solutions that work.  For more information, please contact us at