NAPA’s Road Forward initiative to investigate enhancing EPD listed products

By January 11, 2023 ACE XP Polymer Fiber

Vision for Zero Carbon Emissions

As part of its Road Forward initiative, NAPA is working with the EPD Registry™ to enhance the EPD listing of asphalt products that can extend the life of pavements. 

The process will require the submission of field test results and extensive research that clearly prove a product’s ability to make pavements last longer and reduce the carbon footprint of any asphalt paving process. Products that can add “longer lifespan” to their EPD listing will provide pavers the assurance that they are investing in increased sustainability.

“Once the data and reports show conclusively that longer lived pavements can be achieved by using certain asphalt-enhancing products, pavers will know exactly what they can do to increase pavement performance and cut CO2 emissions,” said Patrick Weaver, Chief Operating Officer for Surface Tech.

By concentrating on lifespan, the enhanced EPD listing can also fill a gap in the current method for analyzing the impact of asphalt paving — or any other process — on the environment.

“Analyses tend to focus on cradle-to-gate,” said Weaver. “This EPD enhancement will look at cradle-to-grave impacts. There are many components in a cradle-to-gate pavement analyses that get missed regarding the environmental impacts, but an EPD that focuses on the entire lifespan of a pavement will provide a much better blueprint for the industry to use in installing pavements that will last longer, perform better and reduce environmental impacts. This type of EPD enhancement can be a real game changer for our industry.”

Surface Tech is committed to supporting NAPA in its quest to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Visit the Road Forward for more information.