New website introduces ARCA — and you’ll immediately “get it”

By August 25, 2022 Asphalt, ACE XP, ARMI, REARM

Surface Tech has turned its alphabet soup of product names into one, easy-to-grasp term that succinctly sums up what the company offers:  Aramid Reinforced Composite Asphalt (ARCA). The company’s new website now leads with a bold proclamation that most in the asphalt industry will greet with relief, if not enthusiasm:  “We solved the crack problem.”

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If you aren’t aware of the asphalt-strengthening solutions available from Surface Tech, now is great time to visit the site. 

“The new website cuts to the chase and doesn’t mince words,” says Steve Santa Cruz, the company’s president. “We have a proven product. It adds strength and flexibility to asphalt pavements and can increase the lifespan up to 50 percent. Our new messaging is hard-hitting and to-the-point. We’re challenging the industry to break with tradition and go with a product that provides the sustainable solution that everyone is searching for. We’re saying, ‘Search no more. We solved the crack problem.’”

The new Surface Tech website provides a quick overview of what ARCA offers to pavements of the future and how it can prevent cracking and rutting by improving fatigue resiliency and toughness.

ARCA solutions can strengthen any asphalt pavement in virtually any type of application. The company has logged an impressive number of jobs since developing its initial ACE XP Polymer Fiber™ offering, which remains the only EPD-listed product of its type today.

“ACE XP, along with ARMI, REARM HR and other products all fall under the ARCA category. It’s one acronym that sums up all that Surface Tech offers and makes what we offer easy to grasp,” says Santa Cruz. 

“At the end of the day, we want the industry to understand clearly that Surface Tech has a cost-effective, easy-to-adopt solution for achieving sustainability in asphalt pavements. It’s tested and proven effective in both the lab and field. We’ve got plenty of satisfied customers, and we’re inviting the rest of the industry to get on board with ARCA. We work with our partners to find the best mix in pursuit of the one, over-riding goal of our company:  Long-life pavements.”

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