No ruts — and now a pavement that delivers longer life for the Kansas Turnpike Authority

By September 06, 2022 ACE XP Polymer Fiber

KT Project Aspahlt 2Unstable subgrades and insufficient subbase thickness can often lead to rutting in the surface grade. The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) targeted a section of the southbound lane of I-35 for milling and resurfacing due to this condition.

In planning discussions, KTA engineers expressed a need for adding extra strength to the mix. The result was a KTA Superpave mix reinforced with ACE XP Polymer Fibers™ that restored a smooth ride for drivers traveling through a 2,000-foot section of rutted pavement on I-35 at milepost 78.4 near El Dorado. 

The roadway section was milled 2.5 inches and resurfaced in a one-day operation. A team from Surface Tech assisted in the planning process and through ongoing communications with paving contractor Cornejo Construction the day of the installation. 

Roadtec paving equipment and transfer device were utilized for the project, along with EBL tack coat applied through the paving equipment with a shot rate of .25 in a continuous operation. No problems occurred during the installation.

Contractors have come to depend on ACE XP from Surface Tech to make asphalt more durable and longer lasting. They appreciate the fact that ACE XP is a dry-form polymer. Compared to wet polymers, it’s less expensive, more reliable, and easier to adopt.

Yet the ultimate beauty of ACE XP is its scalability and batch-to-batch reliability. Combined with the life-span improvements it provides, it’s a winning way to armor your asphalt for the long haul.

KT Project Aspalt

To learn how ACE XP Polymer Fibers can smooth out the ruts in your next paving project, contact us.