San Angelo TXDOT District the latest to put ACE XP to the test

By December 06, 2021 Asphalt, Case Studies


The scorching Texas sun, combined with heavy-load traffic, created an early cracking problem for the TXDOT San Angelo District on a section of busy Highway 87. Bryan Lutz, Director of Maintenance, was searching for a way to make the maintenance overlays last longer, defer maintenance costs, and start catching up on the project list.

Lutz and other TXDOT personnel, along with the producer and paver, all concluded the data presented on ACE XP Polymer Fibers® warranted a pilot project, particularly since ACE XP does not require any changes to mix design.

Field trials and paving projects have repeatedly shown that ACE XP Polymer Fibers® can extend the life of pavement by 30 to 50 percent. Extended pavement lifespans deliver significant lifecycle savings, potentially empowering TXDOT districts across the state to invest in other needed paving projects.



Rees Albert Construction Company produced the 800-ton ACE XP-reinforced PG64-22 mix for the mill and overlay project. Dosing of the fibers was done at the CSA plant, and the job was completed in July of 2021. TXDOT officials on hand during the paving reported that the product was easy to adopt, and they had no issues with any of the mix. The paving crew noted that they could see the fibers in the mix clinging to their rakes and shovels, but the fibers posed no difficulty, nor required any changes to the normal process of installing the mix.

View a video of the project here:

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