Seeing other pavement remedies fail, the City of Calgary finds a cost-effective solution in ACE XP Polymer Fibers


In August 2021, the City of Calgary identified a section of busy Edmonton Trail for repaving. An abundance of cracks and potholes plagued the driving experience, and a new solution was needed that could withstand increasing traffic loads.

Both lanes of north- and southbound traffic from McKnight Blvd. to 40th Ave. NE were repaved with a mix reinforced with ACE XP Polymer Fibers™. The two-day, 60mm mill and inlay project called for a 12.5mm PG 70-31 Fine Graded Superpave 3B mix. Surface Tech provided hands-on training and certification for the City of Calgary Asphalt Plant team to achieve the proper operation of the dosing equipment and QC/QA procedures for incorporating ACE XP into the mix.


“We appreciate Surface Tech’s coordination with the city to make this happen. I was on site and was glad to see the entire operation was going smoothly,” reported Nasir-ul Mulk, City of Calgary Pavement Engineer.

“The new pavement turned out to be a night-and-day difference with the added strength needed for the heavy traffic in the area,” said Alex Snell, Western Canada Regional Technical Sales Representative for Surface Tech. “Edmonton Trail was the first of many projects here in Calgary, and ACE XP is proving to be a good investment for the city.”

The City of Calgary has placed ACE XP reinforced asphalt on a number of streets as part of its 2021 road rehabilitation program, and engineers are planning on additional projects in 2022.


“There were no concerns from my team,” reported Michael Maas, City of Calgary Senior Paving Leader, in an email. “As expected, the mix compacted and set a bit quicker than regular mixes, but overall, we had good feedback from the team in the field.”

“I have seen these little fibers work hard from BC to Manitoba and even the Northwest Territories, and I have seen great improvements to many road systems in my years working with ACE XP,” said Snell. This project was extra special as I had the pleasure to see the technology at work in my own city of Calgary!”

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