Surface Tech Announces the Adoption of ASTM Standard D8395-23 for Aramid Fibers in Asphalt Mixtures.



Surface Tech, the leading provider long life, low carbon asphalt solutions for the asphalt industry, is pleased to announce the adoption of the ASTM Standard D8395-23 for Aramid Fibers in Asphalt Mixtures. This standardization sets a dosage of 2.1 ounces per US ton mix for aramid fibers, ensuring a consistent and uniform application of this low carbon performance additive.

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 10.04.27 AMThe adoption of this ASTM standard is a significant milestone for the asphalt industry as it allows for the standardized dosing of aramid fibers in asphalt mixtures. This will lead to the development of long-life, low-carbon asphalt that is both durable and sustainable.

The standardization of aramid fiber dosing is especially important for DOT projects, city projects, county projects, and commercial engineers in asphalt. With this standardized dosing, these entities can be confident that they are using the proper amount of aramid fibers to ensure the longevity and durability of their projects. As well as mandate the metered, continuous dosing method for best disbursement into HMA/WMA.


A single dose of Surface Tech’s ACE XP™ dry polymer delivers the ASTM standard 2.1oz of aramid fiber per mix ton. 

  • The only EPD Certification Aramid product (Low carbon additive)
  • The only Emerald Eco-Labeled Aramid product
  • No potentially harmful plastics or other fillers
  • No risk of additional VOCs impact stack testing
  • One dose is 5 times less volume than the competitor with same active component, dramatically reducing shipping and storage costs
  • Patented binding method disperses into mix. No Aramid clinging to inside of drum and hoses nor loss into the bag house.
  • Form factor ensures precision dosing.

In addition to the ASTM standardization, Surface Tech has also received EPD certification for its aramid fiber products. This certification ensures that our products meet strict environmental standards and have a low carbon footprint.

"The adoption of the ASTM standard for aramid fibers in asphalt mixtures is a significant step forward for the asphalt industry," said Steve Santa Cruz, President of Surface Tech. "We are proud to provide innovative solutions that benefit our customers and the environment, and the standardization of aramid fiber dosing is a testament to our commitment to excellence."

"Standardizing aramid fiber for asphalt mixtures is key for customers to specify and receive high-performance aramid by simply requiring the international ASTM D8395-23 standard. This standard calls out the key measures of length, density, strength, modulus, and  decomposition. These quality measures allow aramid to make asphalt mixtures better in rutting, cracking, fatigue, and structure,"  said Phil Blankenship, President/ Owner of Blankenship Asphalt Tech and Training. 

Surface Tech is committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions to the asphalt industry, and the adoption of the ASTM Standard D8395-23 for Aramid Fibers in Asphalt Mixtures is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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