Surface Tech completes EPD for ACE XP Polymer Fiber asphalt additive


Surface Tech has completed the verification process to achieve an Environmental Product Declaration for ACE XP Polymer Fiber®, its advanced aramid polymer fiber additive.

EPDlogoAn Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a transparent, objective report that details what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment across its entire life cycle. The EPD is an independently verified and registered document that can help construction projects earn credits for LEED v4 and other green building rating systems. EPDs satisfy the requirements of Product Category
Rules (PCR) and follow international standards, including ISO 14044, ISO 14025, and ISO 21930.

EPD-listed products are gaining in importance as producers seek new ways to validate the assertions made by companies about the environmentally beneficial qualities of their products. Architects and designers also increasingly specify products with transparent life-cycle-assessment-based environmental impact reports.

ACE“We are pleased to be EPD-certifying our flagship product/technology and joining the ranks of other proven, sustainable solutions,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President of Surface Tech.

ACE XP utilizes the tensile strength of aramid to address the two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today — cracking and rutting. It disperses over 19 million para-aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix, providing a three-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, and fatigue. ACE XP makes asphalt pavement stronger and last longer, thus increasing the pavement’s life expectancy, reducing maintenance costs, and providing enhanced sustainability to asphalt pavements.


ACE XP can be easily added to any mix design with no needed changes at both batch and drum plants. It mixes, rolls, and finishes the same as any other mix. Using ACE XP in conjunction with a Balanced Mix Design can also result in a reduction in needed pavement thickness, while still achieving performance enhancements.

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