Surface Tech moves office from La Jolla to Solana Beach, CA

By May 12, 2023 Asphalt

Surface Tech Office
Surface Tech
, the leading producer of aramid reinforced composite asphalt (ARCA) solutions, has moved its headquarters from La Jolla to Solana Beach, CA. The move reflects the tremendous growth the company has experienced as an increasing number of customers have discovered the asphalt-strengthening benefits of the company’s products.

Surface Tech Office Front“This move allows Surface Tech to combine sales/marketing and finance into one location, providing better cross-functional coordination with its operations management enabling us to serve our customers better,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President.

Surface Tech also maintains a regional sales presence across U.S. and Canada. Founded in 2013, Surface Tech has developed a range of ARCA solutions utilizing para-aramid fibers to add strength, resiliency, and longer life to asphalt pavements. Its flagship product is EPD certified — the first asphalt additive to gain this accreditation — furthering the company’s commitment to sustainability and industry stewardship.  

Additionally, the company has developed an auto-dosing system for ensuring that each asphalt mix receives the specified 2.1 ounces of pure aramid fiber per mix ton as specified in the recently passed ASTM Standard D8395-2023. 

Surface Tech’s DFNDR dosing system is the culmination of years of engineering, design, and testing to achieve the creation of a tough, reliable, on-site dosing system that provides consistent and accurate dosing of fibers, validated by a Daily Report and an optional PE stamp. 


“Accuracy equals pavement performance, and the DFNDR provides that assurance so contractors can install with confidence, knowing they will deliver unmatched crack/rut resistance and a longer-term life,” said Santa Cruz.

The company’s new address is 312 S. Cedros Avenue, Suite 200, Solana Beach, CA  92075.

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