Surface Tech Showcases Digital Business Solutions and Innovative Products at World of Concrete

By January 23, 2018 Concrete, Press Release

(PRESS RELEASE) – Surface Tech, an innovative solutions provider, will engage with concrete industry professionals from across the country at the 2018 World of Concrete convention in Las Vegas. and highlight the unique services and suite of products that Surface Tech provides to the concrete industry.

“From our groundbreaking digital business platform, MAINFRAME, to our portfolio of specialty concrete and asphalt products, Surface Tech provides tangible solutions that are backed by extensive research and solid results,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech.

E-Business Solutions for Concrete Industry- MAINFRAME E-Business Solutions - MAINFRAME

 MAINFRAME is a software platform built from the ground up specifically for the concrete industry. This business management software is designed from real-world applications from experienced concrete contractors, commercial and residential builders, ready mix suppliers, engineers, and architects.

Current offerings within MAINFRAME improve business efficiencies – including apps known as TRKR, TRKR MOBILE and CMPLYNC. These apps focus on common jobsite and administrative challenges faced in the concrete industry today including ordering, delivery, measuring job site performance, billing/collection and more. This greatly simplifies back-end functions and increases profitability.

TRKR: Digital Platform Interconnects and Simplifies Back-end Functions
TRKR is a practical e-business solution which eliminates many of the common jobsite and administrative challenges faced in the concrete industry today including ordering, delivery, measuring job site performance, billing/collection and more. Contractor orders              through the supplier are kept up to date in real time.

TRKR Mobile: Mobile Application Actively Manages Concrete Project Compliance
TRKR Mobile is a mobile App that is an active compliance management system which improves jobsite and transportation safety, and reduces the risk of construction defect claims.

CMPLYNC: (Coming Soon) A First in the Concrete Industry
CMPLYNC is an app tailored to the concrete industry to provide better collaboration between concrete contractors, RMX companies, architects, and engineers.

“Our e-business solutions help improve margins and customer relations and is designed to fit the unique needs of the concrete industry,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech.  “This is in addition to the numerous other benefits such as documentation and safety compliance, logistics improvements and overall increased efficiency.”

Specialty Concrete - JUNO

Juno ConcreteSurface Tech provides solutions that address many common challenges involved with concrete construction today.  Our product portfolio includes branded-product solutions that mitigate cement use and basalt reinforcement, and improve the durability of infrastructure.

JUNO is a revolutionary alternative binder technology developed by Surface Tech engineers and certified technical specialists. Using cutting-edge advancements in mineralogy and nanotechnology, JUNO improves the performance of concrete at a microscopic level.

JUNO can be used to partially substitute traditional cement binders in standard concretes, as well as in specialty applications such as Soil Stabilization, Mass Concrete and Shotcrete.

JUNO can be utilized in the following applications:

Soil Stabilization
JUNO has been engineered to allow for more efficient and cost effective stabilization of the road base and subgrade. It is often custom blended for a given project based upon a site and soil conditions.

Controlled Density Fill (CDF)
CDF is a low-strength concrete used for backfilling holes and trenches when high compaction is needed.  By utilizing JUNO, Surface Tech’s proprietary alternative binder, a contractor can reduce the need for cement and replace it with a lower-cost option.

JUNO can be used in Rip-Rap as a low-cost alternative to Portland Cement-based binders.

“Surface Tech understands the evolution of concrete projects which enables us to develop solutions to address the acute needs of contractors,” said Bryan Goerger, VP/GM, Surface Tech. “JUNO delivers value to the bottom line by reducing the cost of concrete without sacrificing physical performance.”


Surface Tech LLC was founded in 2013 and largely concentrated on the asphalt industry by way of its flagship product, ACE Fibers. The company was reshaped in 2015; bringing a more disciplined and experienced team to the forefront. Surface Tech continues to expand its products and services across the US and Canada through its portfolio of specialty concrete products and digital business solutions.  Visit us at

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