Surface Tech staying safe, connected, stocked, and ready to help

By April 09, 2020
The pandemic sweeping our nation has disrupted many services and caused delays in infrastructure projects in many areas. We want to assure our customers, vendors, suppliers and distributors that we are remaining vigilant throughout this time of widespread economic impact. Surface Tech stands ready now — and in the future — to provide the products and equipment that provide important value propositions to compel adoption. Here are some of the actions we are taking:

Staying Safe

Many of our employees are working from home, and we are observing all mandates required by governing authorities, but work continues in many areas of our operations. We stridently practice social distancing, and we keep our employees regularly updated on the virus and the necessary safety procedures required to keep them safe and well.

Staying Connected

We continue to keep in touch with people throughout the industry via online conferencing, phone calls, texts and emails. We’re also continuing to offer informational webinars that cover a wide range of topics important to the asphalt and concrete industries.

Our next webinar, on April 16, features Phil Blankenship of Blankenship Asphalt Tech & Training, who will discuss advancements in mix design using ACE XP Polymer Fiber and ARMI Reflective Crack Interlayer products. He’ll also walk you through the newest crack testing procedures for running IDEAL CT crack tests in the typical plant materials lab. Register now.

Another webinar, on May 14, is geared to asphalt producers and explores advancements in mix design using ACE XP Polymer Fiber and ARMI Reflective Crack Interlayer products. For more information, visit Register now.

Staying Stocked & Ready to Help

We have product available, and production is ongoing. Our people are still working — manning the phones, shipping product, dosing onsite and working the manufacturing lines. We stand ready to help.

Staying Future-Focused

Mindful of the impediments of today, our team remains focused on the future. We continue to develop innovative and relevant products that impact the asphalt and concrete industries. Products and equipment the provide important value propositions to compel adoption. We have rolled out a new product early this year and have other new products slated for release soon; as well as complimentary new equipment. We also have endeavored to impact additional sales channels within each industry as a means to further penetrate benefit.

In the meantime, we extend our best wishes to all of our customers, suppliers, vendors and distributors during these trying times. Stay safe and keep in touch. We’re here to help.