Surface Tech’s new DFNDR aramid dosing system provides ease of operation and spot-on accuracy

By October 06, 2022 ACE XP, dosing

Surface Tech has unveiled the latest evolution of its automated system for dosing the company’s ACE XP aramid reinforcement product into any hot mix asphalt with extreme accuracy. The redesigned and enclosed system fits neatly for set-up anywhere in an asphalt plant.  Once there, all the DFNDR needs is 120V power, a steady 110psi air supply, a level surface, and a full hopper to begin calibrating and dosing.

The key to the system’s accurate dosing is a programmable logic controller (PLC) that continually measures the weight of the match-stick size ACE XP particles feeding through the hopper. Every 10 seconds, the PLC samples the weight and calculates the flow compared to a desired target rate based on plant production needs. This enables the DFNDR to consistently feed an ideal amount of ACE XP into the mix.

“Accuracy matters, and with the DFNDR, we have taken the dosing technology to a fine-tuned new level that producers can rely on with confidence,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President of Surface Tech. “The DFNDR is built by ISO 9001:2015 certified professionals. It’s UL Listed and made in the USA.”

Designed by HIS Innovations Group, DFNDR is built tough to withstand transport and operate reliably under rugged conditions. It handles the wax-bound ACE XP cleanly and efficiently, with no fly-away mess, producing a mix that contains the precise amount of 2.1 ounces of aramid per ton with no clumping.

Surface Tech provides training and support to ensure each job meets the desired specifications.

“We can confidently assure pavers that the DFNDR will deliver the dosing accuracy needed to reinforce the mix and yield a pavement with the tensile strength of aramid that resists rutting, cracking and fatigue and lasts longer.”

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