Video: Example of ACE Fiber Dosing and Application for Kitsap County, Washington

Recently Kitsap County, Washington chose ACE Fibers for a 12000 TE asphalt pavement project.

“Continuous dosing results in a very thorough blending of the product,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “Because of this, there are no visible fibers in the mix, no change in laydown operations, no bulging edges, and no fibers or asphalt stick to the drum.”

View the dosing operations and application for Kitsap County here:



About ACE XP Polymer Fiber:

ACE XP, a Surface Tech asphalt additive, uses aramid fibers to address the two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today; cracking and rutting. Doing so also dramatically improved the treated roads’ life expectancy.

When ACE XP is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy.

And best of all, no specialty contractors are needed for installation. Contractors handle ACE XP Fiber reinforced asphalt the same way they handle standard asphalt. This underscores ACE XP's technology in being easy to adopt.

For more information visit ACE XP.