WTFiber? You mean you still don’t know about the advantages of ACE XP?

By May 18, 2021 Asphalt, ACE XP


Here are a dozen reasons why you should check it out NOW:

ACE XP Polymer Fiber®…

  1. Offers a revolutionary new solution to improve cracking and rutting in asphalt pavements, making them stronger and last longer. It’s not your grandfather’s fiber.

  2. Exceeds most other additives in adding proven crack and rut resistance to any asphalt mix — and it lays and compacts cleanly and consistently.

  3. Zeros out missing the density bonus because the polymer binder cured faster than the roller could compact it.

  4. Eliminates the mess associated with other fibers — goes into any mix with no flyaway fibers.

  5. Provides easy, accurate plant dosing with Surface Tech equipment.

  6. Offers a solid, efficient-to-place interlayer alternative (our ARMI™ solution) that does away with expensive and risky fabric interlayers and third-party contractors.

  7. Avoids having to clean sticky polymer or rubber mixes that build up in silos, truck beds, tools, and equipment.

  8. Eliminates the cost of new mix designs required with a binder bump.

  9. Skips the scheduling nightmares of reserving empty binder tanks for polymer jobs.

  10. Wins the scheduling fight with binder suppliers who only offer certain oils at certain times — you can store and use ACE XP 24/7/365.

  11. Sidesteps the loss of tonnage per round due to mix build-up in the bed.

  12. Saves money by not paying a backhoe operator to dig the rubber mix out of the truck bed.

And the best reason of all:

ACE XP Polymer Fibers® bring an end to wishing there was a better and easier way to get stronger, longer-lasting asphalt pavements!