JUNO XP™ — Technology that makes Portland Cement perform better

A Guide to Durable Concrete Using SCMs/ASCMs

CONCRETE 101 webinar: Tues. May 19, 2020 – 1pm EDT

JUNO XP to challenge brutal Colorado winters

Field test on residential mix paves the way for improved cold weather resistance

Extreme conditions put JUNO XP to the ultimate test

You want crack resistance? We got it!

JUNO XP — an “insurance policy” for Ultra-High Performance Concrete

ASCM — an acronym for the future of concrete

JUNO XP surpasses major milestone in Stage 4 testing toward achieving 1709 ASTM certification

Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Provider finds JUNO XP weathers Rocky Mountain climate

For challenging winter weather, look no further than Colorado. During the cold months, concrete pavement must withstand an unending cycle of freeze-thaw...

What is an ASCM and Why Do We Care?

Chief Technical Officer Jon Belkowitz, PhD to present at Concrete Expo in 2019

Searching for an easy way to reduce traditional cement in your concrete mixes? Look to JUNO XP